Protecting Your Deck: How to keep your deck looking new

Deck stained with semi-transparent stainYou design a beautiful deck to accentuate your home. You build it using the best wood, and add the perfect furniture. Then a year later, your beautiful deck doesn’t look so fresh and new. Nature’s elements and everyday wear and tear can affect even the most durable types of wood if they’re not properly treated. No need to worry, Exquisite Painting can bring your deck back to life at an affordable price. If you’d like to tackle it yourself, keep your deck looking like new by following a few simple steps.

Why protect your deck?

  • Wood that isn’t properly treated is susceptible to damage from the sun and rain. UV radiation can cause wood to fade and dry out which can cause water retention and lead to rot. Applying a quality deck finish with UV inhibitors can help keep your deck looking new.
  • Mold and mildew can easily grow in damp areas. Keep your deck mold free by keeping it clean of wet leaves and debris. Pay special attention to shady areas.
  • Extreme temperature changes can cause wood to expand and contract which can cause shifting. Keep an eye out for potential problems such as loose boards/railings or nails that are popping up. Fixing these problems at the first sign of them can avoid a much larger (and more expensive!) project in the future.

Sealing your deck

Decks should be refinished every 12-18 months. If water soaks into the wood instead of beading, it’s time to refinish. There are a variety of different types of finishes, learn more about how to choose the right type for you at Follow these simple steps for refinishing:

  • Before you seal your deck, you want to make sure it’s clean. Remove old sealant, and use a deck cleaning solution to remove all dirt and mildew. Be sure to rinse the deck very well to remove all chemicals.
  • Allow the deck to dry completely (approx. 48 hours depending on weather) before applying new finish.
  • Apply the finish evenly to the wood using a sprayer, roller, or paintbrush. Be sure to follow the product instructions such as how many coats to use and how long to wait in between.
  • Allow the finish to dry for at least 24 hours before using it. Just because it feels dry to the touch doesn’t mean it can’t be damaged.

We, at Exquisite Painting, would be happy to help with your deck cleaning/refinishing needs! Contact us for details! Visit our home page for 20% OFF ALL exterior cleaning and painting!